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What Makes Us Different?

We make test prep easy and fun with the best animated instruction available.

Founded by the actual test writers and the leading educational cloud service provider, Tutami Learning is to set to level the playing field for students who want to improve their scores on SAT and ACT test with a unique approach: We dedicate ourselves to developing result-oriented, engaging and fun test prep materials by digitizing the best teaching methodology and learning techniques available so the best can be shared by all students. How? We employ top-notch teachers and writers who have over thirty years of individual teaching experience to create hundreds of unique subject specific animated video lessons with thousands of practice questions. But we go even further. Our teachers take the times to record video explanations to help students really master the quiz content! Additionally our videos give you testing tips, strategies and insights that you won't find elsewhere. And our results speak for themselves. Students using the Tutami system see results. They have increased their test performance by an average of 15% and you can too!

Our Team


Team Members

  • Tinko Tau

    Tinko, a renowned testing expert, has tutored more than 20,000 students during past 15 years and has helped those students meet and surpass their personal goals for each section of the standardized tests for which they prepared. His wit and charm make learning fun again!

  • Susan Young

    Susan, a university instructor of anthropology and botany, has over 25 years of teaching experience. She brings her experience and easy demeanor to her tutoring, and loves helping students to learn, grow, and succeed.

  • Sally Franco

    Sally is a reading and writing instructor who specializes in English grammar and has over 10 years of teaching experience at both high school and university level. Her patience and dedication helps students achieve their highest potential.

  • Genevieve Smith

    Genevieve has a degree in economics and has taught university-level economics and business practices. As a tutor, she prides herself on her quick and accurate communication, and her ability to translate tough concepts into understandable terms.

  • Katrina Marriott

    Katrina has degrees in Mathematics and Education. She has taught and tutored students at junior high, high school, and university levels for over 10 years. She loves to help students and see them succeed.

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